Meet Igor.

Blogger, houseplant enthusiast and inspirator. What's his style and vision?

My name is Igor. I’ve been blogging on Happy Interior Blog since 2011 about everything that inspires me to create a happy home and happy life, including interior design, styling, home decor and travel. I also run a global plant community called Urban Jungle Bloggers ( with my friend and fellow blogger Judith de Graaff of We encourage people in the community to live with plants and use them to create beautiful homes.

My interior style reflects my mixed background and love of travel. It’s a mix of bohemian elements, Nordic accents, rich patterns and earthy colours found in travel souvenirs and vintage items. The vibrant, colourful and often playful accessories from &k Amsterdam fit my style. I love all accessories with a tropical vibe or plant motifs, but  I also adore anything earthy, dark, moody and with golden accents. Fun fact: I fell in  love with &k during a trip to Greece where  I discovered &k’s products in a design hotel

My inspiration comes from trips, different cultures, people. But I am also strongly inspired by history, artefacts, ethnic motifs and patterns. I love traditional craftsmanship from different countries and the stories behind it.

My followers & readers share a passion for design, interiors and plants. They’re from the US, Germany, UK, France and the Netherlands, but also from Brazil, Greece, Turkey and other places. I’m trying to live an interesting life, travelling to inspiring places. I always try to restyle corners of my home and show my followers how easy it is to live with plants. I think this mix keeps them coming back, looking for inspiration.

My view on upcoming trends is that the bohemian style is still spot on. It will continue to surprise us with rich patterns and colours. We will see more botanical themes but also a focus on the tactile experience. We want to rediscover our senses by touching surfaces, materials, fabrics and patterns, especially since nowadays we are so used to the sleek surfaces of smartphones and tablet PCs.

My favourite gift to give is a plant. It’s something that lasts and comes with a little bit of responsibility. It will grow and thrive if you take care of it, just like a friendship.

My favourite &k amsterdam products for winter 2017: