Hi! I’m Lillian, I’m a free-spirited artist, with a love for all things playful and expressive. I love pulling inspiration from colours found in life and nature and add my own twist and perspective to each aspect of my work.

Where does your passion for illustrations come from? 

I have always enjoyed experimenting with colour through different materials. This keeps my work evolving and interesting. From a young age I have found I always go back to painting as it’s truly where I feel most comfortable and over the years I have found ways to incorporate the painting  process into my work one way or another. Whether it is to my leather accessory line or a product that I am collaborating on.

What or who inspires you?

I tend to take inspiration from daily life and experiences. Living here in New York City you get exposed to so many unique people and it has always interested me on how people choose to express themselves in different ways. I try to interpret those ideas into happy patterns and colourful artwork.

What made you decide to start a collaboration with &k amsterdam? 

I really admire the way &k designs their unique pieces, specifically their vases and tableware. They feel so organic and playful. We have a similar eye for design. When &k reached out and wanted to partner together on a collection of tableware, I was really excited to work with their team to see what magic we could create together.

 What do you think makes the connection between &k amsterdam and your own style? 

I love the way &k uses colour and organic shapes to make up some of their collections. The use of different materials and textures really complement each other. It felt really natural that we would collaborate on a collection to bridge my design and process into a product that felt it already encompassed the organic flow of the design and that of the hand dipped marble texture. It was really a perfect fit.

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