In this magical season with all its shimmering elements in the dark night sky, Luxembourg artist, Lisa Junius is a perfect match for &k. We are delighted that she’s added her playful style, colour and design, not to mention numerous perfect gifts to our range! Ceramic small plates with starry night elements, and beautiful plates and cups that show the wonders of our &k galaxy. High time for an interview.

Lisa Junius (1992) studied Fine arts at the University of Strasbourg, France, and is now creating all kinds of things in her wonderful studio at 1535° in Di erdange, Luxembourg. 1535° is an old ARBED building, transformed into studios dedicated entirely to a diverse range of creative types. Lisa works with various media: ceramics, paintings, illustrations, sculptures and installations. The use of the colour blue in many, many shades is truly magical.

Where does your passion for illustrations and ceramics come from?

“I’ve always been connected to art, as my grandfather is a painter, and when I was Little I used to play in his studio. My first passion is painting; I discovered ceramics just 4 years ago and I was really excited to find a new material to paint on. In creating something, I create a new world, a world of my own, in which I can escape and dream. What characterises my work? The colour blue, magic, women and the imagination. When I’m not working, I read - a lot. Especially tales of magic and fantasy, mythology and folk tales. This world finally enters my work.”

What made you decide to start collaborating with &k Amsterdam?

“When they contacted me and asked if I’d be interested in working with them, I thought ‘Yes, of course!!’. &k is such a wonderful brand, their products bring a special light and happy atmosphere to a home. I also love that they work with di erent artists, illustrators and ceramicists. The connection between &k Amsterdam and my own style lies in the atmosphere - light and bright colours, themes that remind us of Happiness and stress-free days, infused with plants and animals.”

Which item do you think shouldn’t be left out this winter season?

“A beautiful mug or a complete tea set and a blanket to keep you warm and cosy.” What is your favourite holiday destination? “I have too many! But if I had to choose I’d say Barcelona and Morocco.”

What more can we expect from you in the future?

“I’m releasing a Tarot deck and also want to start working on a picture book. And, of course, as well as illustration work, I’ll be working on murals and new ceramic designs.” If you want to follow her artistic world, simply follow her on Instagram, where she’s a big hit. In the meantime, you can indulge yourself with Lisa Junius items at &k!