Bodil Jane's jungle.

When you think of Jungle, you think of Tarzan. When you think of Tarzan, you think of Jane. And if you say Jane, we say Bodil Jane, Amsterdam illustrator. Thanks to the Jungle summer trend, Bodil Jane fits in perfectly at &k. She has developed the design for a series of &k bamboo plates, mugs and bowls, cases, and cushions.

The importance of colours.

Colours are very important in my work. I’m always looking for new and exciting colour combinations. I love full illustrations with a lot of different objects and patterns. My illustrations are playful, colourful and feminine. All of my illustrations include handmade elements and digital techniques. I think they have a very handmade feel, because I use a lot of textures and elements painted in watercolours. I like illustration styles that are non-digital or appear to be, and that are a little clumsy and charming. I don’t like perfect things in general.

Instagram: fun or burden?

A social media platform such as Instagram both distract me from my work and enhances my creativity. I get very motivated by likes and followers. Instagram is such a good platform showing your work. I get a lot of jobs through it and that makes me happy. The downside is that it takes a lot of time and sometimes distracts me from working. Also, the more followers you have, the more people start to copy you.

Artistic family

I was raised in a very creative family with a lot of creative people around us. My parents are both freelance artists – my dad is an animation and sketch artist for businesses while my mum is more of a decorative illustrator and paints ceramics. They both had a studio space at home. Growing up, I was always making things. When we went on vacation I always brought scrapbooks, journals and drawing books with me. I have one sister. She also went to art school and is now a graphics and print designer for fashion.

Collaboration with &k Amsterdam

I felt enormously honoured to have been chosen by &k to develop a small collection. I feel that &k designs are fresh, colourful and playful, and I fit in well with them. And there’s also room for a wink, just as there always is with me! My style is cheerful and airy. I generally work ‘flat’, so it always gives me a kick to see my illustrations on a 3D object that can also be used. That’s why I also try to make as many products as possible or collaborate with brands that do that. And it’s even nicer to work with &k, who are based in my own city. I could just drop into the office to see the samples. That also made it feel like a true collaboration.