Dutch design agency "We are out of office"
A picture gets more character through the use of colour: according to Felix van Dam and Winneke de Groot, the two founders of design bureau "We are out of office". This turned out to be the common ground between &k and Waooo.

Importance of colour
We like to think our work is something in between graphic and illustration work. We find colour to be extremely important, we like to use a lot of bright and high-contrast colours. We start all our work analog; cut, drawn and torn. Patterns are also almost always recurrent in our work.

Bold flowers - poppy prints
After the succss of the cactus as style icon, the flowers now get their turn. We've created a daring and contrasting floral print for a cheerful line of summer items in and around the home. Brighten up your balcony or picnic with our bamboo plates, cheerful tall drinking glasses and complementary tea lights in bold colours.